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Meet Lead Trainer Darcie Weiser

Harmony Independence Academy (HIA) is dedicated to crafting housing solutions and providing essential resources for independent living for those with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

WC, Darcie and Karl posed for a photo at Disability Advocacy Day at the S.C. State House.

Where can you get practical training in independent living skills that will cultivate a culture of confidence? Where can each student have a plan for themselves to thrive independently in an ever-growing interdependent world? Harmony Independence Academy may be the answer.

Conveniently housed on a local college campus, we're operating four hours a day, four days a week. Our skilled team of trainers, facilitators, community partners and volunteers is devoted to helping each student reach their fullest potential.

Together, we can create an empowering environment where differently abled individuals can live, work and thrive!

We're excited to share more about Lead Trainer Darcie Weiser.

Five Questions with Darcie

1. What interested you about working with those who learn differently? Several aspects draw me to work with differently abled people who have different learning styles. Because I myself struggle with disabilities, I have faced disheartening experiences related to learning, socializing and overall belonging.

I grew up with a close family member who has more severe disabilities. Witnessing her struggles from birth through adulthood, as well as her progress and success in living independently, is profoundly inspiring. It also demonstrates that differently abled individuals are fully capable of learning and thriving when provided with the right support.

2. What inspires you most about this effort? My personal encounters and experiences serve as a source of inspiration for me to persist in my work with differently abled individuals, recognizing the immense need in this area. My faith further motivates me, reinforcing the belief that with the right support, there are no limits to what can be achieved and a brighter future is within reach for everyone.

3. What's something you wished everyone understood about those with a disability? There needs to be a greater understanding of how this community is significantly underserved. It’s not just the differently abled individuals, but also their families and support systems who are in desperate need of assistance and respite. This is crucial to empower their loved ones and instill a sense of hope and tranquility for everyone’s future. 

4. What would the students be surprised to learn about you? It may surprise some students that I, too, encounter barriers with learning and continue to face these challenges. I hope this will inspire them to become mentors and leaders, proving that with appropriate training and support, they too can realize their dreams.

5. What do you hope is accomplished over the next few years? It is my hope that HIA will successfully take off, prosper and expand. Our aim is to raise awareness and connect with as many families as possible.

Not only do we want to empower students to live independently, but we also want them to become coaches, mentors, and community leaders. I hope we can inspire volunteers, both with and without disabilities, to join us in realizing the dream of Harmony Christian Community - a place where differently abled individuals can work, live, and flourish.

Get more details and discover the opportunities! Email, call at 803-849-1011 or apply here:

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