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Harmony will be a Christ-centered community of differently abled individuals and their families. We will live meaningfully in an intergenerational neighborhood, with a farm, micro-businesses, and a step-down retirement facility for individuals and their parents as they age.

Our Solution

Our God-size dream is for an intentional neighborhood that caters to those with different abilities ages 18 and above who are seeking to live independently, in affordable housing. This project will start with six young adults, each in their efficiency apartment with a shared central community space, who might need varying levels of long-term supported services (LTSS). These services include assisting residents with getting dressed, taking medications, or evacuating in cases of emergencies like fires. These services will be available for residents who need them, to help them live independently while maintaining their safety.  

Parents will have the opportunity to live as neighbors to their children. In cottage homes, serving as facilities for step-down continuums of care, parents will be provided with the support they will need as they age.

Parents will be supporting young adult community members with job coaching, working on the farm, providing support in micro-businesses, or serving as personal care aids. Together, they will work to create affordable sustainability for all residents in this intergenerational community.  


Currently, there are assisted living communities that incorporate working farms, but, to our knowledge, a rural place for “families” wanting to live in a community as they age, has yet to be created.  


It is not about creating a perfect world, but a community where we covenant to “take care of our own.” It is not in an exclusive environment, but an inclusive rural community where the entire project is built on universal design strategies making accessibility a reality for all.  

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