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Launching Harmony Independence Academy

We're excited to launch Harmony Independence Academy, dedicated to crafting housing solutions and providing essential resources for independent living for those with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

We're especially proud that the DeLoache Family Foundation has awarded a $25,000 grant to support this effort. The Foundation was a perfect match as it funds efforts that help children and Christian based organizations in South Carolina, particularly the Columbia and Charleston areas. Together, we can create an empowering environment where differently abled individuals can live, work and thrive!

Where can you get practical training in independent living skills that will cultivate a culture of

confidence? Where each student has a plan for themselves to thrive as independently in an ever-growing interdependent world? Harmony Independence Academy may be the answer.

Conveniently housed on a local college campus, we're operating four hours a day, four days a week. Our skilled team of trainers, facilitators, community partners and volunteers is devoted to helping each student reach their fullest potential.

Opening on June 3, 2024 for a Summer Short Session.

Who Should Attend?

Although Harmony Christian Community wants to be as inclusive of a community

as possible, it's clear that we need to take baby steps in developing our capacity to serve

those who seek to live independently. We will need to start small with the desire to grow and build capacity to serve all individuals.

Step one of Harmony Independence Academy (HIA) will be the development of the team and teaching strategies to support our goal. For this reason, it is prudent to start with a

high standard of eligibility to enter this program as we create tracks for success.

HIA participants will meet the following criteria:

-Age 18 years or older and completion of high school, Learning Resource Program,

or home school high school diploma or certificate.

-Diagnosis of autism and/or intellectual/developmental disability or physical disabilities.

-Completion of basic self-care needs including:

  • Student is able to dress and bathe themselves without physical prompting or support.

  • Student is able to complete personal hygiene tasks without physical prompting or support.

  • Students can feed themselves without physical prompting or support.

  • No current or chronic history of addiction or serious mental illness.

-Completion of basic Independent Learning Skills including:

  • Ability to participate and learn in small group settings.

  • Ability to communicate wants, needs, discomfort and or illness.

  • There is no recent history within the past 12 months of severe aggression towards self/others or property including self-injurious behaviors.

Get more details and discover the opportunities! Email, call at 803-849-1011 or apply here:

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