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Front Page News...Making a Way for Change

Landing on the front page of the The State newspaper is a great way to start the workweek. For Karl, it's even more significant.

For those who know us or have followed our story, you know Karl loves being around people. Work gives him - just like anyone else - a chance to do what he loves and find purpose.

But it will not be a surprise that South Carolina needs to do better to ensure employment opportunities are available for those with disabilities.

In fact, our state has one of the lowest employment rates in the nation for people with disabilities, according to Able SC, a nonprofit run mostly by people with disabilities that aims to support and empower people with disabilities and influence systems that serve them. Only about a third of disabled adults in South Carolina are employed, national data show.

Karl works at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden here in Columbia. He works in Tuskers restaurant at the zoo, and also works in the gift shop.

Thanks to the efforts of Able SC and its Hire Me SC campaign, which includes encouraging employers to follow the law and be equitable in their hiring practices, Karl is thriving and helping others see the possibilities. That campaign landed him on the front page this month as the organization continues its advocacy efforts for those with disabilities.

From there, the story was picked up by other news sources and is reaching more people. Our hope and prayer is that as Karl continues making a way for himself, he'll open doors for others to find purpose in work and contribute too. Isn't that what we all want and deserve?

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