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DOUBLE your impact with a donation today!

Today is #MidlandsGives - the perfect time to support the purchase of land for Harmony Christian Community. EVERY dollar donated goes to that purchase, thanks to a generous donor covering any administrative costs.

Right now, there are more than 2,500 individuals in South Carolina with intellectual disabilities who are being cared for by a parent 65 or older. Simply put, there are not enough places for those adults with special needs to be housed once their parents pass away.

“Our children would live in their own ‘younger home’ on campus with younger staff, enjoying independence with any needed supports,” said WC Hoecke, who cofounded the effort with his wife Catherine. “As a solution, we will build a community where parents would live in their own home and, when needed, take advantage of a full step-down retirement facility and a full nursing care facility.”

The Christ-centered community will allow differently abled individuals and their families to live meaningfully in an inter-generational neighborhood, with a farm, micro-businesses.

Harmony’s Board of Directors includes Katherine Andes, Catherine Boggs Hoecke, WC Hoecke, Ricky James, Guy Wood and Alex Zelling.

“Together, along with our volunteers and donors, we will create a self-sustaining community where all are valued and all have a future,” WC Hoecke said.

There is no doubt that when given the opportunity, individuals with disabilities can do great things. Watch this video of Karl, one of our ambassadors, giving the best man's speech at his brother's wedding recently.

Support Harmony during Midlands Gives and your gift will be matched 100 percent, up to $18,000. Visit Questions? Call (803) 556-3051.

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